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Hong China Tea Company

No.1028 Lvling Rd, Xiamen city Fujian Province CHINA
Contact: daniel hong (Tel: +86-13606071923)

Except from above traditional contacts, you can also have a lively chat with us or other tea enthusiasts on (#tea) and discord, the reason to offer these unconventional channels is because we love Open Source, that’s the same reason I am writing the book, a tea book that will be freely available for everyone, with later plan that everybody can contribute to it once the skeleton is there. Open means transparent which earn the most important trust.

Daniel Hong's photo

A bit about Daniel Hong, the founder of Hong China Tea Company. He is not born to be a tea farmer but his mother does and still he can remember his grandpa who had a bent body who used to be a street vendor with many products including tea, home-made cut tobacco etc to support the over 10 members family, at that era it’s too little food to eat but weigh too much thus body bend so serious. After graduation Daniel quit the family business and luckily joined a tea company thus have the chance to close look and learn from many tea masters. In 2014 Daniel found his own company, bigger responsibilities arouses bigger passion and gradually formed his own tea making concept, this is the source you see many unclassifiable teas here, to Daniel tea making has no boundaries but talking to the nature. Daniel often travels to somewhere beautiful and make teas there, so every season every year you can expect something new coming.

Return Policy

As all orders are shipped from China so this is an international shipping which cost much more. But no love is no love, so we accept return and refund immediately without asking, no valid time limit, just email us your decision. In order to save troubles, you can keep the teas if value lower than $30. Please note the return freight will be charged on you.

Shipping Policy

Teas are normally sent out next day and email you the tracking number which should be traceable in two days as we use a middleman carrier to easy shipping job and get a little bit of discount.

You can track the parcel here or the Post Office of your country, please note that when a package is described as “preparing shipment”, this means the parcel has already left China and the information will be updated once arrive your country.

Shipping time normally takes 1-4 weeks except express, due to the covid-19 the ETA is much more unpredictable, please take into account of this before you make the order.

Privacy Policy

Your data is your data, we sell tea not data. We will never ever transfer your assets to any others.